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About me

My Mission

"Is to inspire others with my actions, Laugh at myself so others experience joy, give before I receive and to lead with passion and kindness that encourages others to follow",

Valerie's Training Classes have been so inspirational, I inspire to create a team culture like she has. She pushes me everyday to be better without even knowing it.
My Story

I am a strong believer that in our Administrative Community we are more than just "Admins" - This is a title we often give ourselves.


​After 5 successful years in Real Estate and Coaching, helping 100's of Admins grow their culture, team and pursue their passion, I decided to add author to my growing list of accomplishments. My latest book is called Empire Builders and one I am most proud of. It walks you through the stages of our roles, from Admin to CEO. All of which comes organically from myself and the amazing Administrators I have had the honour of working with over the years.


For 5 years I have worked alongside one of Canada's top teams within Keller Williams. As the Director of Operations, I used all the methods I teach in this book. I feel it's important to share your success with others and that's exactly what I intend to do.


I look forward to connecting with you all.


When I'm not building a career I am spending time with my amazing husband Jason, who is an entrepreneur himself and our 3 incredible young men Colm, Cael and Colton.

I heard Valerie speak a year ago at a Canadian Real Estate Event and she was so honest and shared all her struggles and successes. I signed up for coaching with Val right after that and I am so glad I did.
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